5 Acne Myths Busted

Myth #2: Make-up aggravates Acne: What is not a myth is the fact that some products (such as Foundation and pancake) could be the root cause for the clogging of facial pores, which ultimately result in the build up of acne. But applying mineral/ powder based make up or a face wash such as AcneStar, which is relatively light, one may be able to get rid of the oil secretion, which can help to improve the skin.

Myth #3: Toothpaste is the solution to your pimple problem: In the process of the hit and trial method, applying toothpaste to your zit has always been your one step solution to clear skin. Yes, age old home remedies are great! But what is unknown to most is what a toothpaste consists of; a regular toothpaste has baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol, essential oils and triclosan, which is why it drys acne out. But most are oblivious of the other implications they might have to face due to the same. Toothpaste is essentially not made for the skin and can cause irritation and rashes. Instead, try spot treatment by using products which actually help reduce the pimple causing germs.

Myth #4: Popping a zit may cause it to clear out faster: Ever heard of never mess with nature? It’s true. The coming and going of pimples is a natural process and intervening with the process may cause you some trouble. Voluntarily popping a zit is setting yourself up for scaring and dark spots.

Myth #5: If you suffer from acne, avoid chocolate: Even though there is a connection between your diet and acne, it's not really fair to throw chocolate under the bus. "Essentially, any food with a high glycemic index can increase blood cortisol levels and worsen acne.