5 Biggest Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

However, either by being overprotective or by sheer obliviousness, sometimes we end up committing certain skin care blunders. Let us take a look at some of these mistakes.

Using Cosmetic Soaps

More often than not, we all fall into the trap of using fancy-looking, cosmetic soaps. The results, nil.
Not only do these soaps fail to deliver the promised results, but can even end up causing irritability. The reason is simple. Most of these soaps are lined with strong fragrances and unwanted chemicals. You should instead use an anti-bacterial acne soap such an Acnestar, which helps cleanse your skin in the most natural way possible.

Lack of Moisturising

While not all skin types need to be moisturised all the time, but after you’ve had a long hot bath, the first thing your skin needs is some love in the form of moisturising. While water dries the skin up, the heat irritates the skin. Hence, in a bit to avoid any further drying up of the skin, it is best to use a good moisturiser. This will help keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple, exactly the way you want it.

Too Much Washing

Washing your face twice a day with an anti-bacterial soap will ward off most of your skin issues, but compulsively washing it every now and then can make the matter worse. Constant washing robs your skin of its natural oils and leaves it dry and more susceptible to breakouts. Now that isn’t something you want!

Insufficient Sleep

This is one of the most common mistakes. A lot of us skimp on our sleep hours due to professional or personal commitments, or sometimes out of sheer negligence. This leads to a dull and lifeless skin. Here, it is important to understand that sleeping hours are when the skin cells get regenerated and renewed. Now you know why the sleeping beauty Aurora’s skin glows like the sunshine!

Lack of Water

Increased workload leads to lack of time, which eventually leads us to skip those elixir-like glasses of water throughout the day. Result? Dehydrated skin, looking dry as a bone. We don’t even need to tell you what measure to take here. 12 glasses of water a day. Simple as that!

We hope that now you have a fairly clear understanding of some of the critical skin care mistakes. So, make sure you don’t commit these in future and glide your way through to the perfect skin!