7 Best Ways for Men to Avoid Acne

Wash your Face

Regular washing of face (at least twice a day) with a gentle, oil-free, water-based facial cleanser, soap or face wash can effectively remove oil and dead skin cells from your body. An exfoliating scrub can also be used to eliminate dead skin cells and ensure the growth of new, fresh skin cells. Using a gentle body scrub while having a shower will keep you away from unwanted acne breakouts.

Workout Sessions

Exercising and working out regularly will relieve you from unnecessary stress and increase the blood and oxygen flow to your skin. This acts as a great barrier against acne.

Take a Shower After Workout Sessions

Ensure to regularly take a shower after every workout session or whenever you sweat excessively. This will release all the oil and sweat from your skin and not allow bacteria and dirt to get trapped saving you from acne.

Start Using Electric Shavers

Electric shavers offer the advantage of causing reduced inflammation and irritation along with lesser chances of cuts. Using them instead of regular blades can help prevent acne in men.

Use Mild Shaving Creams

If you’re too used to shaving, opt for mild shaving creams, foams or after-shave lotions as they are less likely to aggravate your skin and cause acne.

Always Keep your Hair Clean

As you sweat, the dirt and oil from your hair can be transferred to your face, neck and shoulders leading to unwanted acne. Washing your hair daily and keeping them clean will save you from this condition.

Avoid Touching

Keep your hands away from acne-prone areas of the skin to avoid the transfer of bacteria from your fingers to the sensitive areas.

If you still become a victim of unwanted acne, using the best products for acne such as acne gel, acne soap can be an effective solution for your acne problem. These over-the-counter products are a powerful remedy for pimples and also help in preventing acne scars.