Acne and a mother’s search for a solution

So one day my teenager baby girl, Abha, was standing in front of the mirror, appearing quite distraught. Something on her face caught all of her attention and she didn't even realise when came and stood near her. Two pimples were the reasons of her great angst. Then I remembered that since a few days she has been applying some things on her face, some home remedies her peers advised her. Being an understanding mom, I tried to console her, unsuccessfully.

Now begins a mother's quest for helping out her kid. Home remedies were something even we used in our days. But I could never really find the kind of results I expected. Now texting has turned into a time saving communication tool which can connect many people at one time via a great feature called 'group'. I sought help from every relevant group, and thus started a barrage of suggestions and opinions.

I also took to internet to find something new and to cross check all the information I was getting. Acnestar soap and gel were two products that I heard about with most conviction. I read more about Acnestar and then crossing my fingers I bought it for Abha. She used it for a few days and the relaxed look on her face told me that this conflict has been resolved.

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