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Know Your skin

3 Lifestyle Habits that can Cause Acne Breakouts

3 Lifestyle Habits that can Cause Acne Breakouts

Due to genetics and hormones, sometimes acne can feel like it’s completely out of our control. No matter how many products you use, those zits won’t budge. That’s frustrating, isn’t it?

However, when one or two pimples multiplies and now you have five or six pimples, then it might be time to take a closer look at your lifestyle choices.

Are any of the following habits keeping your skin from looking flawless?

1. Using a dirty mobile phone

Just think about how often cell phones are pressed against your cheeks, are you still surprised that pimples pop out there every so often? Consistent pressure from bacteria-ridden objects can lead to breakouts. But don’t just blame your phone, there are musical instruments, sunglasses or even you resting your hands on your face can lead to pimples forming. As a habit, regularly sterilize objects placed over your cheeks and keep your hands clean.

2. Washing your face too often

If you are someone who washes their face more than twice a day and use drying toners or skip using face moisturizers, the chances are extremely high that you are over-drying your face. When your skin is dry then your body reacts by generating more oil that leads to more breakouts. You can stop this cycle by sticking to a daily skincare routine and washing your face once or twice a day, maximum.

3. Often indulging in food that has a high-glycemic load

Before you jump to the conclusion, no you don’t have to stop eating pizzas or say bye to chocolate. However, research shows that an unhealthy diet leads to unhealthy skin. Foods that consist of a high-glycemic load (such as white bread, pasta, and fried food) increase blood sugar and can cause acne. So try to keep your body and skin healthy by enjoying these foods as once in a while treats and not dietary mainstays.

If you regularly incorporate these three habits in your life, you will soon see results. Another thing you can add to your routine is washing your face with anti-acne facewash or soap then apply acne gel. If the acne persists, then we advise that you consult with your dermatologist.

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