Know your skin

Know Your skin

Acnestar Got Me Fame

Acnestar Got Me Fame

Some people are just astonishing. They come like an angel in our life to support us when we are left to only look up to the sky alone in hope. The number of selfish people is increasing faster than ever, but some souls are too pure to be egocentric.

Sheena is one such angel and I am happy that she picked me up from the dirt and made me a star that I am today in the fashion industry. I belong to a small village of north-east which is one deserted and neglected land of India. Sheena came here some 3 years ago for shooting purpose and saw potential in a poor girl like me. I was just 16 yrs old then when she proposed my family to take me back to Mumbai with her to make me a bright face of the fashion industry.

She groomed me for full 1 year before selecting me for a famous fashion show of India. Though I missed my family but I had responsibilities on my shoulder to support them. Sheena was a big support like always and I was happy. Everything was going fine until one fine day I woke up acne on my face. Perhaps it was bad quality makeup that was messing up with the glow of my skin. The show was not far and I was devastated with the acne issue for the first time ever in my life.

It didn’t take me long to call Sheena frantically and telling her about my condition. She asked me to wait for her till she gets home. I was wondering how come she is so calm while I am going mad over here. She showed up late that day but she had AcneStar in her hand, she just handed me the AcneStar soap and gel and bid me good night.

By the time she left for her bed, I understood the reason of her calmness. I used Acnestar for the next few days and the result was just astounding. Of course, I fared well in the fashion show and got loads of complement for my subtle and clear skin.

I just wonder what would have happened if Sheena would not have given me Acnestar to help me out with Acne issues. I owe Sheena a lot for who I am today.

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