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Know Your skin

Compromising isn’t An Option, this Durga Puja

Compromising is not An Option this Durga Puja

Stepping out on a Sunday eve to buy some clothes, I observed how immaculately the malls were decorated. Outlets covered up with Puja hoardings, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous festive season.

Alluring discounts on every brand, which tempts you to empty your pockets. The whole city seemed to have enveloped itself in the Puja cosmos.

Durga Puja is not just a festival, but it is also considered a mega extravaganza in our nation. The festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga. People put on their best attire and hop around different pandals, while some assemble at a particular community point.

India is home to the richest and the most integrated cultural diversity. We love giving an ethnic touch to all our festivals. Durga Puja too is no less, as people desperately try to flaunt themselves in the best traditional attires.

However, even after acquiring the best, sometimes the desired goals aren’t achieved. Imagine a situation where you had put in remarkable efforts, shopped from the best outlets, but still failed to level up your expectations. We understand how bitter the outcome can be.

Girls love to glam up during these festivals. Durga Puja offers them a reason to buy new clothes, wear their beloved mom’s best Sari, so how can she compromise. Yes, compromising should never be an option from her end. However, circumstances may lead us to such unwanted and harsh situations.

Acnestar appreciates the efforts you had put in for the upcoming Puja. If you are one of those, who is suffering a lot due to pimples and have to compromise on the brightest moments of your life, then we are there to help you.

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