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Fashion Trends for Women during the Festive Month

Fashion trends for women during the festive month

As we step in the first week of October, an aura of purity and joyfulness can be felt all around. October, is a bonanza of multiple festivals in one single month. Starting from the Navratra, followed by Durga Puja and Dussehra, to finally being concluded with Diwali, this is a mega month for all the Indians.

The preparations for the upcoming festivals have kicked off on a high note and we have already started experiencing the huge rush in the market. The festivals always prove to be a great opportunity to maximize the sale, so shopkeepers put in a lot of efforts in decorating the stores. Looking at the festivals from a different angle, these events give devotees an opportunity to flaunt their style. Thus, proving festivals is not just about food, but glamour too plays a huge role in these events.

Compared to boys, festivals is mainly for women and girls to show their exclusiveness in dressing, along with the perfect touch of tradition. Looking into the glamorous side of these festivals, let’s just take a look at the various fashion trends for girls during these festivals.


When you’re planning to pick a suit for these festive moments, always reject the plain and dull ones. Picking up bright shades along with a cool print reflects the positivity and jolliness in you. However, even your lavish apparels would feel offended, if you forget to carry some traditional jewelry along with it.

Salwar Kameez

While picking a salwar kameez for these pious occasions, always go for shades like cream or peach. You can always opt for the traditional Punjabi phulkari, as a dupatta along with your salwar kameez. This combo helps in enhancing your overall appeal.


Saree is considered as one of the most prestigious garments worn by women. A saree defines the graceful spirit of an Indian woman. This festive season, try to wear something humble yet fancy and adorn everyone with your charm. However, try to cut off the extra make-up and heavy jewelry.


If you’re planning to wear a lehenga on the upcoming dandiya night in your society, wearing a traditional lehenga won’t be a bad idea. Mirror work or embroidered lehengas look great on these occasions.

However, pimples don’t wait for an invitation before appearing. It can appear anytime and especially at times when you’re consuming too much of spicy and oily food. But keep all your worries at bay this festive season, as Acnestar is there to tackle all your pimple setbacks.

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