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What is The Healing Time For Acne Scars?

Flared acne can be painful but what is more stressful is the aftermath of stubborn scars. These scars can last longer than acne itself and take longer to cure. The treatment itself can be very different from acne treatment. Acne scar recovery takes a while to heal completely and get uprooted from its very foundation.Hence whichever stage of acne scar you’re at, beginning, middle, or nearing healing, remember that your progress counts, every small effort you take to maintain that routine takes energy and it shows in your results. 

Before we get into the depth of the matter, read up on the types of acne

Now, if you’re nearing healing, you might most probably notice some marks or scars. No, they’re not the same, there’s a significant difference between the two and they might need different kinds of treatments and healing time to get better and show visible results. But how do you identify if they’re scars or marks?  

It might be extremely confusing to figure out if it’s an actual scar or just post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Both acne marks and scars occur differently and take different approaches to treat them too.

In some cases it might be visible easily, and difficult in some. Before we seek answers to how long it takes for scars to fade, you might want to see the article below.

Learn How To Define Acne Scars Or Marks 

Now that you know how to identify the acne and the scars or marks, let’s see how acne scars heal and what are the steps taken to work on their healing. 

Here are some of the most preferred treatments of acne scars by medical professionals. 

Dermal or Scar Fillers 

Fillers are filled with acids that lift the depressed area which makes the skin’s surface even and rid of shadows. Derma fillers are temporary and might need touch ups in a few months but it varies from person to person. Scar Fillers are a form of derma fillers, again temporary but the only difference is you can apply it and it comes off easily.  

Combination Treatment

Just like every other beauty or skin treatment, ace scar treatment varies from person to person and the dermatologist you visit might try different ways to cure it. They might start with some derma fillers, perform punch excisions to surgically remove scars and then combine it with some topical treatment. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels differ from skin type to skin type. Combination type might need slightly stronger peels and sensitivity extremely mild. Both leave the effect needed and aren’t severe at all. There are multiple options available in guidance of your doctor to help reduce the darkening and healing of the acne scarring. 

Post Treatment Care

The time needed for your acne scar to heal might differ according to the treatment, skin type and degree of the acne scar. It is advisable to club your skin healing with acne sensitive routine by using products like AcneStar Face Wash that can take care of your skin in the most effective way possible.

Whichever treatment you use, keep patience. You will surely see visible results with the suggested treatment by your certified dermatologist. More than just the healing time it’s the right kind of effort that counts. 

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