Know your skin

Know Your skin

Reverse Your Acne Scar Affected Skin


Acne scars are in themselves not easy to get rid of, but they also sometimes lead to skin darkening which is often ignored. Paying attention to the skin darkening and working on lightening them is something we will cover in this article. 

Often when you look in the mirror you may think of how clear your skin used to be with no marks and then suddenly you have had to deal with the stubbornness of acne. It is a tough fight but what’s even worse is the aftermath. The acne marks, hyperpigmentation, and scars, yes, they’re all different but they take an equally long time to heal and all you can do is not pick during that period of healing. Let’s read a little bit more into the reasons and effects of hyperpigmentation acne scars.

Difference between acne hyperpigmentation and acne scarring 

Post acne hyperpigmentation can occur due to the inflammation of the skin which happens during the healing time of the acne scar. One thing you should remember though is that it is not similar to an acne scar. It is correlated but is very different than acne scarring. Acne-scarring is the physical alteration to the texture of the skin whereas, post-acne pigmentation is just a form of pigmentation and doesn’t change the texture of the skin at all. 

Hyperpigmentation Decoded

The reason behind hyperpigmentation in acne scars is due to the excessive production of melanin during the healing period. This hyperpigmentation differs from person to person and their melanin secretion levels. Different forms in which hyperpigmentation can occur are patches, dark spots, or even darker skin. There’s not much you can do about its occurrence but you can work on lightening the discoloration of the skin and simultaneously treat the scars.  

The reason behind hyperpigmentation after acne scar

When it comes to acne healing, the process begins with increased blood flow to the acne-affected areas. 

During the healing process of the wound, there is a certain kind of inflammation which is one of the main reasons for hyperpigmentation acne scars. The longer the wound takes to heal, the more melatonin is secreted and hence leads to darker pigmentations. And it’s no secret that one of the bigger reasons for late healing is picking. To avoids extreme hyperpigmentation acne scar, avoid doing this! 

How to reverse and tackle hyperpigmentation of acne scars?

The core focus before even dealing with hyperpigmentation is to treat the acne itself. The moment your acne starts healing well, it automatically reflects on the pigmentation of the area. Here are some things you could do and not do - to deal with hyperpigmentation. 

  • Use sunscreen religiously 
  • Avoid using make-up
  • Increase intake of vitamin C
  • Start your Acnestar skincare routine 
  • Go for skin procedures only if needed 

Final words of wisdom 

Lastly, we’d like you to be patient. It might get tough but stay put. Include acne related products that are recommended by your dermatologist. You can also make Acnestar Facewash a part of daily skincare to treat your skin with utmost care and love. As of hyperpigmentation of acne scars, it will fade with time as your skin generates new cells and does its job naturally. 

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