Know your skin

Know Your skin

When to See a Dermatologist for Acne?


The effectiveness of the products might reduce if the reasons for acne change. For example if you’re someone with open pores and a combination skin, it is given that you might face acne outburst. But even after taking care of your acne you realize that it is just increasing, the reasons might differ now. It could be anything, ranging from a hormonal imbalance to a genetic condition. 

So when 6 weeks of acne turn into 12 weeks and then into months, that becomes concerning. This is usually one of the major signs that you need to visit a dermatologist when acne occur and stay for prolonged duration. 

Before visiting the doctor, do a self-assessment and note down the journey of your breakout. Did you eat something that worsened the acne like diary or sugar items? Did you check the list of ingredients in a product to see if it is non-comedogenic?

Has your family has a history of acne that comes in control after a certain age or due to a certain remedy? 

Learning the patterns of acne can also help your doctor understand you better. Make a note of the acne and your habits and diet around the same time period. 

Here are some factors that hint towards you visiting a dermatologist for your acne soon 

You’ve Really Painful Acne

Yes prolonged acne is one of the major reasons but painful acne is something that you shouldn’t ignore. Cystic acne usually is extremely painful and can bleed making the skin around it sore. This causes a lot of discomfort and hey you really don’t need to go through it. Your doctor will recommend the best treatment suitable for you. 

Affecting Your Mental Health

Acne can lead to a host of issues that can mentally and emotionally affect you. If you catch yourself refraining from being a part of crowds and avoid venturing out without a scarf or going out at all. Then it is time you better your acne condition with your doctor and free yourself to heal better.

You’ve Tried All the Acne Remedies You Can

Acne can make one desperate to treat it by hook or by crook. This means trying different trends, routines, homemade remedies, online suggestions and still landing up with a breakout days before a special occasion. Let the experts work their magic and give you a solution that best fits your skin. 

Leaving a Mark You Don’t Need

Okay finally the products you did try work but didn’t fade your acne marks? That’s a tough one. It’s like a lingering reminder of acne and we don’t want that. So to figure out if it's actually a mark or a scar, we suggest you visit a doctor and do what’s best for your skin. While you can still treat acne marks, a.k.a., the flat and hyper-pigmented spots, acne scars that cause irregular bumps/indents on the skin are a lot harder to treat. 

These are some really extreme cases and they do require medical intervention. But you’re not there yet and still figuring out a product that is non-comedogenic and safe for the skin, try AcneStar range of cleansers and gel that is formulated by AcneStar Research Institute to help teens tackle acne and become acne-free. 

So remember to notice your acne journey and remember to visit the dermatologist when it’s required and necessary.


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