Know your skin

Know Your skin

Your guide to coping with pimples – Stages of recovery


We’ve all seen this stage in our life where life comes to a halt due to pimples. Everything seems to circle back to the issue and important things in your life get less priority. The journey to pimple recovery might seem difficult but not impossible. With the right steps and the right products at hand, you can win over pimples gradually. 

Now when it comes to soaps or pimple products, there are multiple myths about how it rips your skin off, of all the essential oils which we feel is ‘dirt’ and in turn makes it dry and prone to a lot of itching.  

This is not entirely wrong but choosing the right product for your pimples is essential. If you are someone who has really oily skin, then a high moisture-content soap will of course increase the production of oil and therefore lead to acne. Similarly, if your skin is extremely dry and you use a soap that assists oil control, then it will make your skin even drier and lead to further complications. 

It’s not really a surprise when you experiment with all these trendy, good-looking and fragrant soaps thinking they will make your face glow. But rather give you pimples and leave you scarred, quite literally. So the next time you tap on your devices to buy, think again and ask your doctors or skin experts if they actually fit your skin type, and go for an effective anti-pimple soap or acne cleanser instead. 

Here’s how we’d describe how dealing with the pimple feels like:

The ‘oh-noooo, not again’ phase

This is the first phase when you wake up to a massive pimple that seems to cover almost your entire face, at least it feels like that and the only thing you see is that ONE PIMPLE! Everything else fades and you’re left with the regret of using yet another trendy soap that promised to give you the ‘glow’.  

The ‘fine, let’s just deal with it’ phase  

After a lot of putting yourself down and regretting and crying and awareness, you slowly near acceptance. We know it’s not easy. But it does occur and that’s when you relax and start to work towards curing the pimple. 

The ‘I need to be patient with this’ phase 

In this phase, you’re nearing the final phase where you are one step closer to finding what works for your skin at that very moment in that season and weather condition. After thorough analysis from all the stakeholders, you’re told to be patient. Yes the longest wait ever!  

The ‘finally found what I need’ phase 

Guess what, you’ve cracked the code. You’ve found an anti-pimple product that helps reduce pimples and prevent them from coming back. AcneStare  efficiently help battle stubborn acne or pimples, but we’d urge you to consult your dermatologist before applying it on your face and find the right solution for your skin.

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