Does Sweating Cause Acne or Is It Good for Acne

One of the popular subjects of discussion is the relation between acne and sweat where everyone has their own opinion. The fact is that sweating can actually help prevent acne. Sweating is a natural phenomenon which mostly gives people a stinky and dirty feeling, but it can clean out the dirt and most of the bacteria from the pores of the skin. However, sweat shouldn’t be misunderstood as a cleanser as it can even be harmful for acne.

People sweat irrespective of the weather due to various reasons. In summers, the intense heat causes sweating while nervousness and anger can cause it to occur during winters. Although sweating is not known to cause any harm to acne, allowing it to accumulate for prolonged periods can result in the growth of acne. It is important to take a shower immediately after your workout sessions or any intense activity.

Lack of maintaining proper hygiene can worsen the condition of your acne. The bacteria which collects on sweaty or oily skin compensates for the little clean up effect which occurs on the pores by the release of sweat. Sweating is harmless to acne if you keep yourself clean afterwards.
In one way, sweat is analogous to sunlight for the human skin wherein limited exposure is healthy for the skin but overexposure can lead to various adverse skin conditions.

No person has any control over sweat. However, following a hygienic daily routine can greatly help in preventing acne. You should also search the remedies for pimples and use the best products for acne, like acne gel or acne soap if by chance you suffer from the condition.