Earth's Joys And Heaven's Blessings combined

I do not have any gym nearby and hence I take up a bus to reach my gym situated at the other side of my town. My trainer was really nice and really helped me out while working out. She made me a diet plan and asked me to be regular at the gym.

I lost 3 kilograms in the first week but I was not satisfied because my acne was getting worse. They were supposed to lessen with the decreasing weight as my best friend told me. However, I continued my fitness goal half heatedly disappointed as I was not getting any results. My trainer asked me why I am so busy in myself and not enjoying exercise as I used to.

I told her everything frankly, but she started laughing. I was actually puzzled so as for why is she laughing at my problems. She then came closer to me and suggested me to use Acnestar soap and gel to get rid of Acne. She also asked me to cover my face to avoid dust and bacteria as much as possible while traveling.

It’s been full 1 month now and I have successfully lost 10 kilograms. The best part is that I am losing my acne too with the help of Acnestar. I joined the gym to get rid of acne and lose weight. Now I can look good with the amazing combo of workout and Acnestar.

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