From Acne Scar to Acnestar

Stuck in the dilemma whether to face the existing circumstances or give up. I almost ended up quitting my job. As a kid I had always heard, hard work pays off but in reality it seemed exactly the opposite. Working tenaciously throughout my life and getting peanuts in return has left me disappointed.

Mornings come with new hope but mine are accompanied with gloom. I always took life as a challenge but life has been very unkind to me. I often end up questioning, “Why me”? I wasn’t living the moment, I was actually trying to survive the moment. Trying numerous natural and artificial remedies didn’t give me anything but dissatisfaction. I was fed up of my acne and wanted it to be removed at any cost.

Today while going to office I came across many billboards with the same advertisement. The content was very catchy and it kept distracting me from my work. I started wondering about the acne products and the promises made on the billboard. Soon I couldn’t stop myself from trying it.

That evening straight from work I went to the medical store near my building and got myself a tube. I had already tried a hundred remedies for pimples before choosing Acnestar, so though my expectations were low my hopes were high. Luckily for the first time I took one of the best decision for my acne. To my surprise, Acnestar was truly magical and it kept those promises, unlike the other products. I am happy now because with Acnestar, the worries of “Why me” have turned into “Try me”.

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