From “Miss Showoff” to “Miss Showstopper”

Thoughts of landing up with a bad decision while choosing the attire or the footwear leave her with a dread. The life of a young girl is never at ease, as you never know what might wreck her self-esteem into bits.

My story too was the same, but I was still very fame. I did attain fame, but not in the bright and happy perspective. I was ever ready for all the parties, but somehow I always failed to achieve what the mind dreamt of. Getting hold of the best and latest fashion and showing up with the sexiest hairdo, never helped. Instead, the parties or gatherings, I visited, people always pricked me with criticism and nonchalance. I often came across my haters and critics crying, there comes “Miss Showoff”.

This was the title that I cursed the most. I wasn’t a showoff all I wanted to do was hide my flaws. Puberty seemed to have some personal rivalry with me. It is never easy to handle the teenage crisis, and when it comes along with puberty hazards, tackling it becomes a lot tougher.

Pimples protruding from every corner of my face, beauty had become something impossible to attain. Failing to attain elegance, my self-esteem had shattered all my dreams. However, I realized blessings do show up in disguise when I finally found mine. Acnestar, a gel gifted to me by myself, turned out to be the best healer of my bruised spirit. Using it twice on a daily basis helped me to get rid of the pimple menace.

The mirror on my dressing table finally reflected a prettier version of me. Yes, I got what I wanted and now I’m the happiest. I believe with Acnestar on my side, no one can stop me from making my appearance worthwhile.

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