Fruits on Your Dressing Table

Fruits have been the most effective beauty enhancer through the ages. So, let us get to know about some fruits and their cosmetic miracle on human skins.

With the effectiveness of potassium and vitamin A, C and E, bananas are great for hair and skin. Vitamin A restores the skin’s natural oil, vitamin E repairs damaged skin and minimizes age spots. Vitamin C prevents wrinkles.

Apart from being delicious, apples are very efficient as a cosmetic. A cup of apple juice added to your bath will cleanse and smoothen your skin. It is also beneficial for scalps. After shampoo, rinsing your hair with apple juice makes it shinier. Apples also help in fighting acne.

Known for its effective cleansing properties. Lemon applied on the scalps reduces dandruff. It can also be used as a deodorizer if added to the bath. Rough skins and face can be made softer and acne free if lemon if rubbed over it. It also helps in healing scars.

With the qualities of vitamin A and enzymes, papaya acts as a good exfoliater. Papaya pulp applied on your face helps removing dead skin and adds a glow on your face.

The best cure for dry skin. Peach paste mixed with yoghurt when applied to the skin for ten minutes and washed with lukewarm water moisturizes and smoothens it.

Some of you might be surprised that the ingredients of your fruit salad or your favourite mocha can be a beauty product as well. Since we Indians always want the best within our budget. So I guess applying fruits on skin would not be bad a idea at all. At least give it a try. The outcomes may reward you with some extra savings!

Image Courtesy: presscdn, ititropicals, blogspot