Getting Acne at the Same Spot – This Might Be the Reason

Acne and oily skin are complicated. As oil on the skin is always present, your skin needs diligent care sessions to keep it balanced and acne free. Friction due to excessive rubbing & scrubbing, pore-clogging cosmetics, wrong dietary choices, unbalanced gland receptors, fluctuating hormones.

many factors are to be blamed, but it is your own habits that are the main offenders.

If you wish to keep this aggravating type of acne at bay – here’s how you can do it.

Touching a papule, or even a blackhead for that matter, can spoil things for your skin. Nails and fingers not only transfer dirt and bacteria, but also stimulate blood flow to the area. Once inflamed, more skin cells and sebum are produced in the acne prone area, leading to more blockages and thus more breakouts. This vicious cycle is hard to break and pimples do not clear up easily.

Picking an acne is another habit that increases the chance of spreading the acne bacteria to an adjacent follicle. This makes the pore next door a pimple. When you pick off a scab it opens up the newly healed skin tissue, inviting airborne bacteria, dirt, and viruses to attack it again. This triggers the whole cleanup process to start again resulting in a pustule that is worse than what you had prior.

Squeezing a pimple to excavate your pimple’s contents increases the risk of breaking the side of the follicle (pore). White blood cells swoop in to clean the mess created when bacteria spill out into a deeper layer of the skin (the dermis). Structural fibres get broken down and it more than often results in indentations and icepick scars.

Exfoliating the acne prone skin the right way is crucial to avoid the above mentioned conditions. Best is to leave the inflamed, red, and sore acne alone. If you still wish to exfoliate then start by washing your skin to soften it and increase its pliability. Use a gentle exfoliator to help lift away the dead cells blocking the follicle opening. Ensure that your hands are very clean, nails are short, and the pressure is very light.
Another option to keep the skin as clean as possible while suffering from acne is to use medicated soaps like Acnestar. One of the best soaps for pimples it is specially made to curb acne and prevent it further.

Those zits might be cysts, which means that few pimples swell up, but never come to a head. They keep showing up in the same exact spot and develop when the pore branches out and causes oil to take a detour from its path to the surface of your skin. Cystic acne change the structure of your skin, therefore must be treated by an expert.

It is worth noting that comedones (the main sign of acne) are dilated hair follicles filled with cell debris, bacteria, and sebum. Medicated soaps and gels like Acnestar not only treat existing acne but also prevent them from coming back. While clearing up the breakouts before they turn into scars is necessary, preventing them is a wiser option.