How an acne-free face made me the favourite of all

To be loyal, I knew that most of them would write about me as their favorite teacher so I was excited to read their papers. Finally, as the bell rang, I collected their sheets and went to the staff room.

I took a cup of coffee from the coffee machine and sat at my workstation. I untied the bundle of sheets and started reading the first sheet. It was written beautifully but I was not the favorite teacher of this student. This makes me more excited and I opened next one, but again for this student, I was not the favorite teacher. Now I started finishing the sheets which don’t have my name as their favorite teacher. I was eager to see my name as a favorite teacher.

Finally, after seven or eight sheets I got my name. I still remember the things boy wrote about me. It was like “Supriya ma’am is my favorite teacher in the school. She teaches very well and understands the students’ problems. She is very beautiful and her smile is even better my mother’s smile” as I read this line I started blushing, but it vanished quickly as I read the next line. It was “Whenever I see her I found at least one acne on her face and it makes me confuse that, is it any disease which is incurable?”.

That was the first time I realized that people actually notices your acne and pimples. I went home sadly and discussed this with my sister who confidently advised me to use three way solution of Acnestar gel.
I used it for a few days twice a day. Now I was free of acnes over my face even I could not see a patch on face. All I could see was the naturally glowing face.

Now, whenever I go into any public place I really feel confident due to my acne free face. Recently, I met one of my old friends who was ignoring her acnes for a long time. Without wasting a minute, I advised her Acnestar in the same confidence as my sister advised me a few weeks ago.
Thank you Acnestar for making the life beautiful of us.

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