How Water Helps Cure Acne

Benefits of Drinking Water

  • More often than not, the development of acne can be attributed to the accumulation of toxins in the body, which make the skin vulnerable to infections. Drinking more water can help flush these toxins in a regular manner, thus leading to a clearer skin.
  • Water is known to increase blood circulation, which helps bring the much-needed glow on the face.
  • Water aids the process of digestion and triggers waste elimination, thus keeping the body healthy on the inside. This reflects on the skin.
  • Soft drinks and even milk are known to trigger and adversely affect acne. Hence, if you quench your thirst by drinking water, you can avert these high-glycemic index beverages. Needless to say, this will help improve your skin’s health

Recommended Intake

Most studies indicate that females should have about 8-10 glasses of water, while men must consume 10-12 glasses of this elixir every day. Not only will it help keep the skin soft, supple and clear, but also keep the body healthy.

Not Just Water

All said and done, it needs to be understood that water isn’t the ideal cure for all types of acne. For people who suffer from oily skin, the primary treatment is extremely essential. This may include washing the face using an acne soap and moisturising it with a topical acne gel, at least twice a day. In cases, where breakouts are regular and do not seem to fade away, consulting a dermatologist might be in order.

In conclusion, we must say that drinking ample water combined with a meticulous skin care regime is all that you need to do for a clear and glowing skin.