And, I Didn’t Miss My Class Next Time

I had to stop going to parties and combined medical classes as I used to look horrible. I tried various home-made remedies, but they didn’t seem to help. My acne was becoming worse day by day and I had no clue of how to get rid of them.

Since I was missing so many classes which actually an MBBS student cannot afford; I was called to the premises by one my professor. She asked me the reason why I am not coming to attend classes? Is everything alright with me?

I had to reluctantly tell her about my acne burst and the mental stress I am going through due to this problem. She asked me to run to the medical store instantly and buy Acnestar soap and gel, as these are the best product available in the market to get rid of acne. Acnestar gel helps reducing acne in a short span of time while soap helps in long term treatment of the acne.

And, here I am writing this piece of appreciation from a combined medical class. My skin is clear and smooth now. Acnestar really did wonder.
Thank you Acnestar!

Image Courtesy: medicaldaily, usmlesuccess, diyhealthexpert, attractingjoyu