Is That Acne on Your Back?

The reason for back acne or ‘bacne’ is the exact same as for the acne found on other parts of the body, overactive oil glands, along with the abundance of dead skin and pimple causing bacteria. Sebum and dead skin caught inside the follicle create the blockage, turning into a pimple. Here are a few causes of back acne:

Hormones: Changes in the hormones in people going through their teenage is a major factor responsible for acne. In the case of women, acne outbreak is also linked with hormonal changes due to menstruation and pregnancy.

Diet: As per studies, diet contributes as an additional factor for the outbreak of pimples. Food products like while bread and potatoes carry certain carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels, contributing to acne. However, cutting down on such food items is not effective in controlling acne either.

Genes: Many a time, the outbreak of acne is linked with the genes, as if this disease run in a family, there are chances of individuals getting the same.
Medicines: Some salt combinations, including of antidepressants, can develop side effects, causing acne.
Tight clothing: If individuals wear too much of tight clothes, this result in trapping of sweat under the layers and causing acne.

While acne can be caused one or many of the reasons listed above, these can be cured by using Acne Star, the best soap for acne.