Just Friends To Best Friends

I am sure all of you beautiful girls out there including me have had experienced acne. And, most of us really go through bad time dealing with unwanted acne. Some people advice using natural remedies but let me tell you, there is nothing in this world that can suit everyone. In my case, natural remedies just made acne worse. But, as I said, destiny takes you exactly where you should be at any cost.

So, there is my friend Anshika with whom I never talked to in my entire school life; met me on the metro that too when I was struggling with my broken sandals. It was so nice of her when she noticed me at the station, she stopped by to say hello and offered to help me after realising I am struggling with my broken sandals.

She actually insisted on taking me to her home saying it is nearby and I can get my sandals fixed over there in the market. I had no choice than to be friendly with her and go to her place.

We reached her home in no time and there I noticed that she used to have very bad acne but she looks stunning today. She had a clear and glowing skin which was giving me a major complex. After my sandals were fixed, I began for my home but she stopped me suddenly. She asked me to wait for a minute and went inside her room.

Anshika came up with something in her hand and handed me that saying, “use it regularly to get rid of your acne and have that beautiful clear skin just like me.”
That thing was actually a product- Acnestar. And, trust me she was right. Acnestar is a fantastic product which actually gave me visible results within a month. My skin became clearer and beautiful than ever and people began asking me about the magical item I used to get rid of acne.
Anshika is my best friend now and so is Acnestar.

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