Pimples - The mood spoiler

So the first day of college arrived. I had mixed feelings, and I wanted it to be the best day of my life. I was already prepared beforehand. Putting on my favorite and the best apparel from my wardrobe, I stood in front of the mirror. Adoring my dress and finally doing the best hairdo, I stepped out. My mom greeted and wished me good luck on my first day in college. I was excited and I had butterflies in my stomach. As I reached college, a new energy pumped inside me. A powerful aura surrounded me, and it generated positive vibes.

I met my classmates and interactions kicked off. The whole class mixed with each other and the introduction session began. The day was going great until afternoon when a friend asked me regarding the pimples on my face. It was a major setback for me in my first day of college. Thinking about her words made me feel very low. I had prepared very hard for this day, but everything went in vain. My pimples let me down very badly and I vividly remember this forgettable instance.

If you are one of those who want to make your first day in college exciting, be 200% ready. A small neglect and you’re left with shattered dreams. Therefore, don’t let pimples trouble you instead trouble your pimples with Acnestar.

Image Courtesy: youniversitytv, ihuffpost, herworldplus.