#Selfie: Nazar Na Lage


Since the season of festivals has already begun, girls are ready to glam up. Getting hold of the best attires along with perfect jewelry and footwear, shining and impressing seems to be their only motto. However, looking at selfies taking internet in a troll, we have tried listing the different types of selfies and how it should be clicked to get the most impeccable results.

‘Tilting’ Beauty Selfie
Trying to get your best pose by tilting your head from left to right, but confused which is the correct angle? Girl, do not tilt your head! Tilt your smart phone at 45 degrees, positioning it above your eye line and avoiding your double chins.

Pouty Lips Selfie
Yeah! You are dedicating all your energy to such a “noble” cause, trying hard to reveal sensuality. It is okay to pout your “bitten by a mosquito” lips, but if you have a very thin pair, then it is better to avoid looking like a duck.

‘I am a Foodie’ Selfie
Festival is the time when one enjoys the most exquisite dishes and desserts. But, the ugly truth, that always lie is that no one is impressed by or interested in what you eat. Remember, it is you, who thinks it is exotic. Thus, it is the perfect time to show people the exotic dishes that you’re enjoying, making others go woo.

Regardless of the opinions, it is worth cherishing what you click or upload. However, the fun can always spoil at any moment, if you’re attacked by acne or pimples. But don’t you worry child, because Acnestar has a different plan for you. In order to achieve a perfect and spotless picture that can fetch you more likes, use Acnestar and save yourself from all the pimple and acne troubles.

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