Stay Away From These for an Acne-Free Skin

Trendy oils: aren’t they a rage these days? Available in almost every skin care product these days, they alone are enough to spell disaster on your pimple-prone skin. Many make up products use these oils too, therefore if you really like applying make-up then it is time to check their components and replace them with acne-friendly-non-oily ones.

Replace your make-up remover: make-up removers are generally oil-based, again, something that can bring you trouble. Opt for gentle purifying products, or hydrating washes to remove the make-up and the excess oils & dirt that can clog pores and lead to acne.

Say no to heavy moisturizers: anything that feels heavy must be kept away from your skin. This includes rich creams, thick masks, ointments, waxy balms, etc. Their thick formulas leave behind a residue that guarantees to clog the pores and bring on nasty-looking acne.

Hands off:resting your face on your palms, or pressing your mobile phone to your cheeks or chin can apply repeated or extended pressure on your skin leading to acne.

Spectacle snag: acne is always on the lookout for opportunities to breakout, and sunglasses or spectacles give it just that. Oil, dead skin, and dirt get easy access to clog the pores beneath the frames, therefore it is important to give the area added attention during cleansing routine. Make sure your skin and frames both are clean throughout the day.

Control those fringes: who doesn’t like to be trendy? But, those bangs or fringes can cause acne on the forehead. Change your hairstyle or pin your hair back. Use your fingers while applying any product on your hair. Also, treat any hair problem such as dandruff or lice to avoid acne.

Sunscreen gels over creams: regular sunscreens are oil-based, which equals to havoc for acne-prone skin. Choose water-based or mineral-based products to minimize acne.

Stress and diet: the more stressed you are, more are the chances that you would prefer comfort food over healthy things. High levels of androgens and cortisol in the body triggered during stress stimulate the sebaceous glands, resulting in acne flare-ups. Avoid iodine, sugary snacks, and oily food during stress and make sure you exercise and eat lots of fruits & vegetables to decrease the development and severity of pimples.

Along with habits, you must use medicated gels to keep acne in control and reduce the existing ones. One of the best products for acne, Acnestar is made of high-quality ingredients that bring relief from acne and prevent it.