Want An Acne Free Skin This Winter Season? Start Preparing Today!

Lower consumption of water that dehydrates the skin along with the cold winds rip off the skin of its natural oil, making it dry and thus leading to more breakouts. Along with making sure that you consume enough water throughout the day, these pointers will help you achieve a radiant and a skin that is free of acne.

Keep your face clean: change in the season does not control the loose dust and dirt particles in the air that can easily clog the pores, resulting in pimples. Use a deep nourishing and hydrating cleanser that not only cleans the skin, but also gives it adequate moisture. Refrain from using exfoliators too often as that can cause more breakouts.

Lock the moisture: cold air apparently has less moisture than warm air found in the other seasons, which leads to weather-related dryness. The dry air sucks the moisture from the skin and strips it of its natural surface lipids that protect the skin. Bacteria can easily get in such skin and cause acne. Opt for a hydrating gel instead of a thick cream to save your skin from drying out.

Nourishing diet & exercising religiously: the key to healthy skin is nourishing your body with essential nutrients easily found in seasonal fruits and vegetables. Exercising every day for 30 minutes will not only keep you warm and active, but also pump in oxygen required to keep your skin glowing and clean.

Go minimalistic: make up products contain certain types of oil and waxes that clog the pores, resulting in skin irritation and exacerbates skin conditions, increasing the chance of breakouts.

Stay away from super-hot temperatures while bathing to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils, fats, and proteins. Inflammation, itching, peeling and many more skin conditions are very common in winters but can be avoided easily with a few precautions.
Along with the precautions, do not forget to use high-quality gels like Acnestar for an acne free skin all through winter.