Know your skin

Know Your skin

Acne Treatment Products

Acnestar is a solution to common skin problems, acne and pimples.

acnestar soap
Acnestar Soap


  • With AcneStar soap, enjoy beautiful skin, free from acne.
  • Be radiant, look gorgeous.
  • An affordable acne treatment for all.
  • Being anti-bacterial, AcneStar Soap soothes, nourishes and cleanses your skin.


How to use Acnestar soap?

Acnestar anti-pimple soap consists of anti-bacterial properties that help in reducing acne and other skin issues. It provides deep nourishment and cleansing if used regularly twice a day or as suggested by the dermatologist.

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Acnestar Products We comprehend the real meaning of beauty

AcneStar Gel
  • Being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, AcneStar Gel treats your skin’s biggest enemy.
  • AcneStar Gel is available in tube 22gm pack.
  • With AcneStar gel, enjoy beautiful skin, free from acne.
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AcneStar Facewash
  • Enjoy rejuvenated skin all day long.
  • AcneStar Gel is available in 2 pack Contains Milii capsules that helps the facewash act as a moisturizer.
  • Premium quality facewash, is widely available at a very reasonable price.
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