Know your skin

Know Your skin

#Insta Acnestar BFF

Insta Acnestar BFF

Which girl doesn’t wish for perfect skin?
Some are blessed with clear skin just like my best friend Kriti, but some are gifted with acne prone skin like me.
My best friend Kriti and I are in the same school; we always top our classes, eat together and even hang out together. We are like one soul in two bodies.

Life is full of ups and downs and we even went through that in our friendship once, though we couldn't stay away from each other for long. It was just two months ago that I started feeling uncomfortable with Kriti. Don’t get me wrong, I was never envious of her but I began getting jealous of the fact that whenever we went out together to meet our guy friends; I never seemed to get any attention from them.

She is extremely beautiful and her flawless skin adds to her charm. Undoubtedly, I am not any less, I have very sharp features and I am even taller than her, but guys are never attracted to me just because of my blemished acne ridden skin. A sense of inferiority complex crept into me and my self-esteem suffered. I started becoming distant with Kriti so as to avoid any more neglect from people.

A few days passed like this but then one day she confronted me about my changed behavior. Even I loved her a lot, but I did not want to share my feelings with her. I just wanted to be alone, so that nobody saw me.
She kept on asking and requesting me to open up and say something about what was the matter with me.

Finally, I had to tell her what I was feeling low about myself for the past few months. She hugged me closely like she always did whenever I felt down in the dumps and said, Bas ittu si baat!, baby here is Acnestar for you, "lo pimples se azaadi".

She was actually right! I began using it regularly and my skin literally started glowing. I could finally look at my new face in the mirror. I feel confident now, and even our friendship bond has improved a lot.
Guess what?
I have got 500 likes on my latest Instagram picture! Amazing, right?

I have two best friends now, one is Kriti and the new one is Acnestar acne products.

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