Know your skin

Know Your skin

Rethink Skincare Trends


With the advent of social media and beauty trends on digital media, there is a huge surge of information for the best possible routine or products one needs to use to keep their skin healthy.

Amongst all that information, it is hard to differentiate or even choose a product suitable for your skin. This leads to furthermore confusion!

Amidst all this noise of suggestions, it is tough to imagine lathering your face with soap.  There are so many misconceptions behind the usage of soap on the face. Some say, it makes your face extremely dry, some say, it might lead to rashes and for some it might also seem like it leads to breakouts.

It is very important to understand what kind of soap you’re using. Always remember that soap or any other product you use for your face and for your body has to be different. Your facial skin is sensitive and its needs are different. Your body’s skin is slightly thicker and hence is less sensitive to the effects of soaps.Hence before following the online trends, do your own research.

Most of us are prone to pimples depending on the hormonal conditions and different skin types one has. Oily skin is most prone to acne and hence leads to pimples. Did you know that acne and pimples are different and that pimples are a type of acne?  

Read this article to understand different types of acne. 

Now before we even get to figure out which soap or what kind of soap may be the best for your pimples. Please understand that pimples aren’t just a result of poor skin hygiene. Pimples occur depending on many factors like diet, bacteria, your geography, hormones and a combination of genetic parameters. 

Now figuring how to deal with this through gentle soap.

Cleansing your face is the first and foremost step before any other step in skincare routine that can help eliminate dirt and pollutants residing in your skin pores while stopping them from stripping natural oils. Did you know that the soap you’re using can be the main reason why you’re getting pimples? Harsh soaps strip your face off the essential oils and therefore forcing your skin to produce more and more oil which naturally leads to a lot of breakouts.  

Another reason is that these artificial soaps contain pore-clogging and skin irritating ingredients that can worsen your skin. If you want a medicated wash that treats acne, you can try the AcneStar soap on the recommendation of your dermatologist, which helps reduce pimples and helps soothe inflammation and prevent new infections. 

This is a general line. You may simply put it as “for bathing”.

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