Know your skin

Know Your skin

There is Always A Solution

There is Always A Solution

I am a professional fashion designer and work with one of Delhi's leading swanky outlets in a posh mall of Mumbai. My daily job involves meeting women of the high society.

My skin is very oily, and I have had acne since my teenage. Sadly, I am the one and only in the family who has this hideous skin, even my grandmother and younger sister have a lovely skin. I am very emotional about my terrible skin and extremely conscious of my acne on my body.

My morale has really gone down due to this, in fact, this hampers my professional life as well, as I am not able to communicate confidently with people. I wonder what they are thinking about my ugly face. I keep my hair on the cheeks all the time so that they cover the acne and marks on my face. Every time fresh acne comes out, I squeeze it out, I don’t know if it's the right thing to do, but I just cannot accept it on my face.

I started using Acnestar last month and figured out that it has reduced the instances of acne breakout considerably. I just love the Acnestar range of anti-acne soap and gel and it has made my skin so clear, and it starts working immediately.

My skin has shown noticeable improvement, and my colleagues say that I look chirpy and positive than before.

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