Know your skin

Know Your skin

Tried Every Acne Treatment but Still Breaking Out? Here Are Some Things to Consider.


When people start an acne treatment recommended by doctors, they usually expect quick results. In this blog we’ll talk about how one should be patient while starting an acne treatment, and signs that it is working but might be too early to notice. Here we’ll recommend AcneStar as even with a treatment, it is important to cleanse your face well. 

The very first thing a dermatologist will tell you about acne treatment is that it can never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. And it could not possibly be. After all, everyone’s skin and acne types are different.

More importantly, the severity of acne differs from person to person. Therefore, what may work for the person next to you won’t necessarily work for you.

You might often hear the advice about letting your skin adjust to any new acne treatment. This is recommended due to a common issue, called purging, that often happens in the initial stages of a treatment. 

As the prescribed medication increases skin cell turnover, your skin may start to shed dead skin cells faster and ‘cleanse’ the skin.

With a new acne treatment, some might confuse purging for ‘backfiring’, but you’d be relieved to know that it is common and nothing to fear unless you’re having a severely unusual reaction. 

Whenever it comes to any type of acne treatment, the key is to have patience. Depending on how severe your acne is, it might even take months for some to show definitive results, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective.

Generally, a 6 to 8 weeks window is enough to see some noticeable results. Regular checkups can help you determine whether your treatment needs some alteration based on how your skin is reacting to it. Yet if you think your skin isn’t reacting as well to treatment, you may want to consider the following things.

One of the major reasons why acne treatment might not work for some people is failure to comply and rigorously follow the given treatment. Which is why, while it may seem like an extensive task initially, always stick to your given treatment routine. 

Remember to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle and not solely rely on your treatment as some kind of miracle. This step includes having a proper skin care routine and a nutritious diet. If your dermatologist has recommended changes to habits like hydrating, sleeping well or quitting a food item that may be aggravating your problem then it is important to do so to see maximum results. 

As for the skincare part, it is important to especially cleanse your face well with a good face wash. Cleaning your skin of the bacteria buildup is a necessary step towards an acne-free skin. Opt for skincare products that are backed by research, like AcneStar face wash. AcneStar consists of a blend of five effective ingredients like tulsi, aloe vera, chamomile calendula, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and has been formulated by AcneStar Research Institute.

Taking care of your skin is a long journey that never quite ends. There might be some trial and errors and your routine might change from time to time, but if you use products specifically made for treating acne, it may stop seeming like a tedious task. While it may take some time to get there, the trick is to not overcomplicate your routine and trust the process.

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