Know your skin

Know Your skin

You Really Thought There Was One Type of Acne?

Are you someone who wakes up to the horror of acne, search on the internet and get confused in the zillion terms? Acne is like that non-identical twin who seems so similar but is so very different. And just like how you don’t treat the twins in a similar way, the same logic applies to acne too. They are all so very different. Different in the way they occur, the way they look, the way they can be treated, and the reasons for their arrival.

We know that acne especially on the face is just something you would want to get rid of ASAP. But the better you know about it, the better are the chances of it not occurring again and again. It’ll only take a few minutes for you to know about them but a lifetime of stress-free skincare.

We shall look at common questions like how do I know what type of acne I have? What does certain acne do to your skin? Which acne leaves marks and scars?

Oh, and very important, how you begin to treat those stubborn ones gently.





Closed Acne filled with dead skin

Cause skin Stretching but usually Doesn’t leave a scar

Papules Acne

Small inflamed red pimples

Very low chances of Scarring


Severe red pus-filled tender  to touch pimple

Inflamed but do not lead to scarring


Large inflamed pimples

Leaves skin with blemishes and dark spots


Deep large pus-filled and inflamed

This spot is painful and definitely prone to scarring



In other words - Knowing Acne = Beating Acne

Here are some steps that might help you sail through the acne recovery process smoother and get treated faster.

Got Acne on the face, back or shoulders? Identify first, treat after.

There are several types of acne. These can vary from small bumps to serious cysts.

See the type - Simple or Severe?

Acne can be present as non-inflammatory blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads. If these blockages become infected by bacteria, they may become inflamed.

Assess, don’t worry - Manageable acne or not?

Before worrying about curing the acne, find the severity of the situation. A mild one can be treated at home, however, extreme ones like cysts need immediate medical attention. 

Post care - Maintain healthy skin

Well, imagine you did manage to reach the root solutions of acne, what do you do next? Keep maintaining your skin with healthy skincare routines.

All being said and done, we hope to have eased your worry by 1% and helped you deal with oily skin, bacterial fungal infection, and stubborn acne easily. Rest assured, Acnestar is always here to be your skin’s buddy and help you have lovely skin.



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