Know your skin

Know Your skin

Bridge the generation gap - Home Remedies for acne (Mix of old and modern skincare)


If you’re from the gen NOW, you have probably seen your elder sisters or women in life dealing with acne in a completely different manner than you can probably imagine. Yeah, applying toothpaste and aloe vera will look like a simple thing but then there might be some relevance to it. 

Let’s dive into the transforming skin culture a few years from now and in recent times. There were not many over-the-counter products like Acnestar available. Hence most women tried and tested with ingredients easily available at home.

Also, acne was not the first of their priorities at that point. But as time went by, we have become more and more conscious about our appearance. and focused more on skincare. There is also a lot of awareness regarding the ‘right ways to’ things all over the internet. How do you then find a way around? 

We’d say, take a breath and keep reading. We’ll be sharing some less overwhelming mix of home remedies and mild products that will take care in times of an acne breakout. Let's begin? 

Tip 1 - Reach out to your kitchens 

We all know that there are some really magical ingredients that are highly multipurpose and keep us amazed. Some of those are - Honey & Turmeric. It is anti-inflammatory and can help you prevent acne from worsening.  

Tip 2 - Use your favourite beverage

Now while you’re in your kitchens, may we also suggest a simple but effective ingredient that might also suit you? It’s GREEN TEA! Yes. Next time you make yourself a warm cup of green tea, make another one for your acne. Just dip cotton balls in it, dab it on the acne-prone area and leave it.  

Tip 3 - Venture into your gardens

One of the most magical ingredients that reside in all our Indian nurseries is Aloe Vera. You heard it right, this magical plant not just keeps you healthy from inside but outside too. Cut a small branch, scoop out the flesh, stir it and apply it every night and keep acne growth at bay. 

Tip 4 - Over-the-counter products WORK

When you’re working by yourself and experimenting, it might take a few tries to get it right. Next time you step into a pharmacy, ask for Acnestar Facewash. Its power of 5 ingredientswill helpsolve your acne problems. 

Tip 5 - Last resort, hello doc. 

Though these home remedies for acne might work for some, for some it might still require more assistance if the acne is at a worse stage. Fret not, head to a trusted dermatologist, and relax.You can also consult your skin specialist for AcneStar soap or gel. 

Acne can seem like a huge deal whenever you get it. But thanks to science and the blessings of home remedies, you can easily win over the acne and give your skin the love it deserves. Do remember to use the right products according to your skin type and reach out for medical assistance as and when you need it. Harness the power of the community and seek support from the ones in the same journey.

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