Know your skin

Know Your skin

Some Tough Love To Your Acne


Acne marks can be stubborn and dealing with them can require some consistent efforts, hence we mention that yes be gentle with your skin but at the same time give it the tough love it needs while treating the marks.

Some things in life can be extremely stubborn and refuse to leave causing more problems than ever. Just like stubborn acne marks that make your facial skin their home and affect the way you see yourself. Now, just for reference, imagine if there is something that’s bothering you and you don’t like its presence, but it is persistent and insists on being there and bothering you further, what would you do? 

You’d find a way to deal with the issue and overcome it while being assertive and preserving your mental peace. 

That’s one of those hundreds of ways you could be with when it comes to acne marks. To know what different marks look like before working on how to remove them, click this link (Hyperlink acne marks blog here)  

If it hampers your self-esteem, you find your master plan to deal with it gracefully and make sure you beat it until it leaves entirely. So how do you devise this master plan of yours? Do you apply gels every 2 hours or wash your face with soaps and face wash more than usual? Or do you buy those serums by giving in to the fads? 

Our answer is, go slow. Extremely slow until taking proper medical advice and using what suits your skin the best. It is better to avoid experimentation at this point and rely on the expert products and practitioners to do their job and begin your journey to remove the acne marks.

So now that you have your ammo i.e. anti-acne soap, face wash, and gel, as per your doctor’s recommendation, let’s get ready to show some tough love to your acne marks once and for all.

Routine is a must  

We all know that the journey to acne mark recovery can be a tedious one and there is so much confusion when it comes to treating them. Having a trusted and credible source like AcneStar helps to put you at ease. It’s power of 5 ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, calendula chamomile, aloe vera and basil soothes your skin and helps fade the acne marks gradually. While we work our magic do not forget to keep the routine going and enjoy clear and radiant skin.


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