Know your skin

Know Your skin

Don’t Hide Acne Scars With Make-up


Often, due to a lack of results, many people sort to overt methods like make-up to hide the acne scars which can momentarily feel good but in the long run not sustainable. We create an opinion piece where we direct our users to take the right steps. 

Beauty trends in today’s age have changed the way we look at beauty. We feel a constant need to look in a certain way that is acceptable in the society, which makes us forget our actual idea of beauty. Make-up helps accentuate our natural features and enables us to express ourselves.

But the moment it is used only to hide the visible flaws, it makes us feel more insecure about the way we look and start disliking ourselves. It is very important at that very moment to intervene and get to the root cause instead of covering it up. Hiding acne scars with make up with help you cover it up for a bit but not help cure it. It is therefore necessary to take the right measures to lighten the scars.   

Now when it comes to acne scars, it is not like acne marks because they lighten with time and don’t necessarily need any treatment. Acne scars are connected to each person’s inflammation response. The inflammatory response depends on each person’s genetics, acne severity, sun exposure among other reasons.

This is the reason why scars are different and unique to each individual and their body’s reaction to inflammation. Hence, it is recommended to maintain your skin’s health without picking it and apply the right products to your face. 

Just like  there are dos and don’ts of applying makeup, there are some for the healing process of acne scars.

Tackle active scars 

Before you even begin treating the acne scars, first get rid of or at least get most of the acne healed, and only then even think of acne scar treatments or procedures. Once the incoming acne is tackled properly, focused treatment of acne scar can be done.

Avoid further worsening it

If you’re already on the way to recovery and your acne is under control, your first and the most important step is to not pick it further. The more you touch and fiddle with it, the more are the chances of scars being developed. Try to leave your skin relatively untouched. 

Track your progress

Do you know the best motivation to keep working on your skin even further? Feeling the success of your progress boosts you to keep putting efforts into making your skin better. Click pictures without filter and slowly become comfortable and appreciative of your skin and its progress.

Slow growth is still growth

When you start treating scars, there are chances that it’s going to be slow. But there’s no reason to be worried, some days the changes will be visible enough and some days it might seem non-existent. Since scarring is a deep issue, it takes time to be treated. Do consult with an experienced professional to take care of this issue. 

Acceptance is key

No matter what stage of the healing process you’re at, it is important for you to realize the reality and slowly accept it. It is not easy, we’re aware. But begin with baby steps and see how smooth the healing process feels. Unless there is acceptance, it might feel like you’re not taking the right steps. No matter how slow the healing is, the smallest of the effort counts. 

Additionally, use recommended range of anti-acne products to regularly tend to your acne-prone skin and reduce the acne. You can try using Acnestar facewash twice a day every day until you see and feel visible differences.

Based on your skin type and acne issue, you can also try using AcneStar soap and AcneStar gel, as per your doctor’s prescription. 

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