Know your skin

Know Your skin

Dry skin and Acne

Dry skin and Acne

Minor change in the look and feel of your skin is normal. Many people believe that it is only people with oily skin who face acne, though acne breakout is something which really doesn’t care much about different seasons irrespective of the skin type.

The symptoms of dry skin are easy to spot: Skin feels drier and tighter, roughness, itching, severe redness, flaking, and scaling. In severe cases, the skin may crack and bleed. Exposure to sun or cold dry air can cause the skin to become dehydrated.

Here are some of these tips to keep your dry skin hydrated and avoid acne:

  • Try a body moisturizer to help seal in the moisture whenever required.
  • Please do not think that body doesn’t need water during the winter season. Try to drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside out. Foods such as salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, soybeans and broccoli can also help keep skin supple.
  • Use AcneStar acne soap and acne gel to prevent and treat acne breakout. It will greatly help in the process of keeping your skin clean and clear irrespective of the skin type.
  • Do not over-wash your skin as it will take away all your skin moisture leaving it drier than ever.
  • Figure out things which usually trigger acne on your skin and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Soft and clear skin is something which we all dream of everyday and we refuse to give up on you in the race of getting beautiful skin.

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