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Relation between Anxiety and Acne

Relation between Anxiety and Acne

The acne-anxiety relationship has been a crucial part of various medical discussions for decades. Some researchers suggest that acne has a direct impact on a person’s emotional well-being while others suggest that high levels of stress or anxiety may lead to the increased production of oil, resulting in acne breakouts.

What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory, irritating skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles are blocked with oil, dirt, dead skin cells, or bacteria. It usually occurs on the face, neck, shoulders, back, chest, and upper arms.

How Anxiety causes Acne?

As per the leading skin experts, elevated periods of anxiety can aggravate your acne condition and affect your body in many ways. Some of them include:

  • It can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil which can block your hair follicles, resulting in acne breakouts.
  • High levels of anxiety can disturb the immune system processes and further affect your body’s capacity to defeat intruders, making your acne condition worse.
  • Anxiety can disrupt the natural flow of blood in the body which is extremely important for survival. When your body is devoid of adequate blood supply, it can become susceptible to skin problems, including acne breakouts.
  • Anxiety allows the walls of your pores to break which can lead to the occurrence of mild to moderate acne.
  • If you’re suffering from anxiety issues, you are more likely to prick at your pimples. This can aggravate your condition and may result in the formation of acne scars.

How Acne causes Anxiety?

Acne can take a heavy toll on your emotional well-being. According to experts, the occurrence of acne can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, and even depression. 

Studies have shown that people suffering from acne are reluctant in participating in any social activities as their condition makes them feel undesirable and unattractive. In case you’re suffering from acne breakouts, wash the affected areas with the best acne soap in order to get rid of the problem.

How can acne be prevented?

There are many preventive measures that can keep your acne problems at bay. Some of the best measures include:

  • Eat a healthy diet filled with green vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
  • De-stress yourself. Practice yoga or meditation. Besides, indulge yourself in your favorite hobbies such as dancing, painting, reading, etc.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Apply a top quality over-the-counter anti-acne cream to treat your acne effectively.

Be happy and try to calm yourself in every situation. In case you’re suffering from severe acne or your acne persists even after applying the best products for acne, visit a dermatologist at the earliest.

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